India Arbitration


Join the essential conversation about India disputes, new regulatory challenges, and future opportunities with leading practitioners and experts.

1Ad Hoc v. Institutional Arbitration
Why institutional arbitration is not so popular in India? The pros and cons of these formats. New regulation in India.
2Enforcement of Awards
Attitude of Indian courts to enforcing international awards and judgments. Enforcing awards from New Delhi, Singapore & Dubai in India – and what challenges does that present?
3The Future of India Disputes
Innovation in the sector. Conservatism vs challenging the status quo
4India as a Seat of Arbitration
Ÿ Will the Arbitral Council of India encourage the growth of arbitration in India or is it a cause for concern? Our panel weighs the issues Ÿ Asset Recovery in India Ÿ Trends, recent developments, and challenges within the Indian jurisdiction Ÿ Exploring international opportunities for asset recovery Ÿ Indian corporate: a different ball game? Ÿ In India or not in India? Our panel debate where asset recovery should best take place