Intellectual Property Disputes


Intellectual Property (IP) is of ever-growing importance in modern economies, and so are IP disputes. Increasingly, such disputes are resolved by way of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms. In many fields mediation and arbitration are prominent, promising, but also challenging in some respects. This session addresses the key aspects of IP ADR in specific areas. It brings together business representatives, judges, academia, and legal practitioners, providing best practice-advice and a first hand-insight on the future of IP ADR.

1The added value of mediation
Bringing together mediation experts as well as owners of different-sized companies (from industry to micro-enterprises), speakers will shed light on how mediation unfolds for all parties through concrete examples.
2IP mediation trends and practices around the globe
Focusing on mediation trends for patents and trade marks, this session analyses practices in various countries
3Intervention and influencing skills in IP disputes
How to approach mediation and what skills to use to influence the case effectively and appropriately, through audience interaction.
4Hybrid mediation techniques
Combined ADR forms, like med-arb, arb-med, coaching and pre-consulting, among other practices.