International Commercial Disputes


1International Arbitration in its present form - Friend or Foe of Corporations
Aimed to bring the corporate and legal fields together in a discussion that is highly beneficial to both sides.
2Know your International Contracts
An ideal opportunity for trade professionals who want a practical overview of international contracts and how to apply legal and commercial principles to prevent their interest in International markets.
3Violations in International Arbitration
Violation by the arbitrator (disclosure and nondisclosure of information) Violations by a lawyer (sanctions for violation of court costs) Violations by other participants (witnesses, experts, institutions, clients)
4The Confidentiality Transparency Spectrum in International Arbitration: Where Do You Stand?
Young practitioners will discuss the Confidentiality Transparency Spectrum.
5Allegations of Corruption in International Arbitration
Today more and more parties attempt to reject the jurisdiction of courts of justice and arbitral tribunals on the ground that the contract at issue is tainted by corruption. This type of allegations has an impact on the admissibility of claims as well as on the merits.