Evaluation Criteria

The FICM Awards are for lawyers, law firms, Arbitrators, Mediators, corporate counsel and teams, institutions, government and other entities those adopt and impliment measures to minimize the impact of costly, time consuming, and distracting disagreements within corporate and commercial spheres, and bring such conflicts to a swift and satisfactory conclusion.

The FICM awards criteria focuses on processes, techniques, systems, commitment, scholarship and above all, Innovation which address the resolution, prevention or creative management of complex disputes involving public or business institutions, corporations, government and or among multiple parties.

The evaluation criteria is established to be relevant, comprehensive, well-aligned with the ever-evolving definition of innovation, excellence and contribution.

It ensures that all nominees regardless of jurisdiction, practice, industry, domain or innovation type can clearly communicate, affirm and support their nomination. The awards decision is based on the submissions and research of FICM Awards program team and awards committee. Our awards review committee comprises of our members who are distinguished professionals, judges, lawyers from leading corporations, top law firms and academic institutions.


Judging All completed nominations will be reviewed by the members of the FICM Awards Committee as well as an ad hoc panel of professionals, all of whom are senior executives with diverse backgrounds and recognized experts in their fields. Upon conclusion of this primary review process, a ballot of Finalists is prepared.

Our Panel of Judges, which is comprised of senior executives and academics, review the ballot of Finalists and choose the top 10 lists, or Gold, Silver and Bronze winners, acknowledging the Finalists' excellence in meeting the award criteria of innovation, excellence, achievements and contribution.

The distinctive nominations review process serves as an unbiased 3rd-party endorsement for the innovations advancing to Finalists status. The endorsement delivers an affirmation of superior quality — a confirmation that can reach customers in a way that marketing and advertising cannot. Non-finalists can request feedback on how to make their marketing message or innovation stronger. Winners will be announced during the India International Dispute Meet.