1Why should I nominate my product for an FICM Award?
The FICM Award brings a unique distinction by recognizing all of the elements that prove innovation, excellence and achievements. The prestige of winning the FICM Award can be a catalyst to propel your practice, position or career. Read more about the value of an FICM Award.
2Who may make an FICM Award nomination?
Any individual, organization, entity directly or indirectly involved in dispute management, prevention or resolution may make a nomination for any category of the FICM Award.
3What are the criteria for evaluating an FICM Award nomination?
The nominations for The FICM Award will be judged for their excellence, innovation and achievements.
4What do I have to do in order to make a nomination?
Once nominations are opened, complete the online nomination form and submit it, along with the appropriate entry fee, before the deadline. Review all of the Nomination Guide and fill out the form linked from the Nominations page.
5Are there any fees involved?
Yes, there is a one-time entry fee , which will be used to defray the expenses of the judging and administrative processes involved in awarding the FICM Awards. A portion of your nomination fee will be donated.
1What is the judging process, and who is involved?
The FICM Awards Committee and a cadre of ad hoc industry experts will review all nominations and develop a list of Finalists within each of the FICM Award categories. This list of Finalists will then be submitted to a panel comprised of senior executives and academics who will cast their ballots for the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.
2When are the winners announced?
The winners of the FICM Awards are kept strictly confidential until they are announced at the India International Dispute Meet. All nominees, finalists and other interested parties are invited to attend the one-day event.
3What happens if our nomination is a winner?
If you win an FICM Award you have the freedom to publicize the great honor. We will provide a template press release, or you can write your own. Winners may leverage the FICM Award winning seal and participate in our customized marketing plan that includes product sampling, social media, product reviews, show pitches and media outreach.
4Can we order additional awards for our winning team?
Finalists who attend the 2019 FICM Awards and register in time for their award to be developed will receive a single award at the meet. Winners may order additional awards by visiting our Ordering page and following the link to their website.
5If we win an award, how can we use it to the best advantage?
The FICM Award winning seal is proven to increase awareness and sales. We encourage to license the seal and promote winning one of the most prestigious innovation awards in the dispute category.