What differentiates TIIDM from every other industry conference is the people you will meet, the conversations you will have and the partnerships that will grow out of them. Join hundreds of industry leaders and you will come away smarter, more connected and better able to tackle the toughest challenges in your business or career in disputes.

Learn about inspirational approaches, latest tools and trends in dispute management and gain insights on how to create new systems. Learn how successful corporations are switching to using modern approach to manage disputes and mitigate risk as they share their secrets for creating successful businesses.

TIIDM 2019 is going to feature thought leaders and in depth provocative discussions that will celebrate the ways in which the modern world is creating innovative solutions for preventing and resolving disputes and this part of world’s power to influence the global development of international dispute resolution.

The meeting of innovators will examine the modern world global ecosystems’ role in shaping the future of dispute resolution - from the development of the global institutional ecosystem, discovering the new breed of dispute resolvers, to procedural innovations and the creative use of rules in civil and common law jurisdictions.